ISO 55001:2014

ISO 55001:2014

ISO-55001 Standard

Assets Management System

ISO-55001 is an asset energy management system standard whose principal goal is to help enterprises better manage asset lifecycle management. By implementing ISO-55001, businesses will have better control over their daily operations, a higher return on their assets, and a lower total cost of risk.

This standard can be used for any organization's structure as well as any type of asset. The tangible outcomes include increased efficacy and a significant reduction in unit cost.

ISO-55001 Certification

Being ISO-55001 certified implies you can assist your company in adopting a proactive approach to asset lifecycle management. You can demonstrate your ability to assist your organization's growth by earning ISO-55001 certification. Managing assets properly; minimizing and managing risk; and increasing your company's financial performance. In today's complicated and ever-changing financial markets, ISO 55001 certification is critical for demonstrating the ability to run a more streamlined operation and maintain a positive business reputation.

Furthermore, this accreditation allows you to set yourself apart from other Asset Management specialists.

Benefits of ISO-55001 Certification

● Cash flow development that is viable and reliable
● Ability to control the lifecycle of an asset
● Ability to guarantee that assets do their assigned tasks
● Encourage improvement and expansion.
● Assist an organization with the creation, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of an Asset Management System.
● Profitability will rise.
● Manage the risk of asset ownership.
● Improve the brand's image

ISO-55001 Certification Cost

Companies are expected to manage their physical and non-physical assets with rigour and foresight throughout their life cycles. Assets must be safeguarded, from machinery to intellectual property to cars and buildings, to sustain value and ensure customer trust and worker safety.

DGCS offers certification to the ISO 55001 standard, an internationally recognized Asset Management System, to assist businesses in protecting their assets. With ISO 55001, you can create asset management priorities that balance cost efficiency and risk, as well as instill a culture of continuous improvement throughout your company.  

ISO-55001 Requirements

This International Standard lays out the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an asset management system, also known as a "asset management system."

Any organization can use this International Standard. This International Standard applies to which of the organization's assets. Internal and external parties to assess the organization's ability to meet legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements, as well as the organizations own requirements. The order in which the requirements in this International Standard are presented does not represent their relevance or suggest the order in which they should be implemented.

ISO-55001 Training

The ISO 55001 Introduction training course teaches you the fundamentals of an Asset Management System (AMS).

The ISO 55001 Introduction course will teach you about the value of an Asset Management System and the benefits it can provide to enterprises, society, and governments.

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