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ISO 9001:2015 Quality

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management Service

ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard for an important quality management system (QMS). It summaries various norms (or standards) to define quality management principles such as concentrating on the customer, improving leadership and management within the organization, improving and modification of internal processes, and available devices for continuous up-gradation.

Understanding ISO

ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is an international standard-setting organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s comprised of diverse representatives from an extensive range of industrial, proprietary, and commercial standard organizations.
Essentially, it’s the body accountable for defining and applying these standards.
The ISO in itself doesn’t essentially certify anything. A third-party organization confirms certifications.


The number that is provided after ISO is the identifier of the standard. ISO 9001 is one of the most renowned ISO standards, defining standards for overall quality management systems.
ISO 9001 is part of the wider ISO 9000 fraternity. All standards in the ISO 9000 denotes quality management. This standard is intended to help organizations be more competent and more effective in meeting the requirements of their clients. At least a million businesses and organizations in 170+ countries are certified to ISO 9001 quality management.


Officially, only organizations can get certified. Though, individuals can become Certified Lead Auditors or Registrar to execute audits on organizations. Certification will commonly concentrate on the entire organization, focusing on specific services or sections tailored to expand its performance in that area.
The most important information about the ISO 9001 standard is:
● ISO 9001 is part of the greater ISO 9000 family.
● ISO 9001 is a global standard for an excellent management system (QMS).
● Individuals cannot get ISO 9001 certified, but organizations or companies get certified.
Individuals can get certified to become an ISO 9001 accreditation and certified Lead Auditor, which allows them to audit other businesses.
● The magnitude of the organization does not matter. It could range from 1 individual or 100,0000.
● ISO 9001 is an overall standard for quality management – it doesn’t matter what industry it is.

Significance of ISO 9001 certification?

Establishments that are ISO 9001 certified have fruitfully executed a quality management system in harmony with the necessities detailed in the ISO 9001 standard. One part of the ISO 9001 certification is ensuring that the areas for development are recognized and acted upon. Establishments with ISO 9001 certification can provide products and services that meet the best quality management standards.

Benefits of ISO 9001 certification in a business:

● Increases brand image and trustworthiness
● Saves time from more effective resource supervision
● Stronger profit possibility and market share
● Frequent glitches and irregularities reduced or removed
● Labour-intensive work is abridged with process integration and process automation
● Administrative proficiency and effectiveness are enhanced by using data and evidence to update decision making

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