ISO 10002:2014

ISO 10002:2014

ISO 10002:2014

Customer Satisfaction Management

The ISO 10002 Certification deals with customer satisfaction management. It is a huge differentiator in today’s business scenario. So, it’s high time that your organization gives it the necessary support and importance. The ISO 10002 standard also deals with complaint handling in a proactive and efficient manner.
It is an ISO standard that has been specially curated for complaint handling in the organization. You can give your organization and its staff much-needed guidance through its deployment. Moreover, the handling process is concerned with product planning, management, operations, and design. It also supplements the overall quality management system of the organization.

ISO 10002 Requirements and Framework

The ISO 10002 standard implements the desired results when it comes to handling complaints of the customers by incorporating the following. The system deploys a customer-focussed environment, that is open to all types of feedback. It helps to enhance customer satisfaction. The principles herein aim to remove all kinds of complaints in totality.
● The system consists of a specific complaint handling process that includes:
✔ Proper Communication
✔ Receipt of the complaints
✔ Tracking of complaints
✔ Acknowledgement of the receiving of the complaints
✔ Assessment of the complaints received
✔ Response towards the complaint
✔ Communication of the final decision
✔ Closing the complaints
● It also deals with the maintenance and improvement of the processes or products.
✔ The ISO 10002 standard lists the ways by which the organization can collect the relevant information about the product or services.
✔ It also aims to analyze and evaluate the company’s end results pertaining to its customers.
✔ The standard also aims to study the satisfaction levels, after the customer complaint is resolved.
✔ It also concentrates on monitoring the entire complaint handling procedure and also audit the same.
✔ The system also studies the management review of the entire process.
The main aim of the strategy or control measures of the ISO 10002 framework is to focus on optimal and continuous improvement.

Benefits Of the ISO 10002 Certification

The business scenario is highly competitive today. So, if you are not addressing your customer’s issues at the nascent stage, it may get blown up into massive proportions. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the top business goals.
● You will find a customer-focussed environment thriving in the organization after the implementation of the certification.
● Top management also gets involved in the process, resulting in better commitment through proper deployment of resources.
● Recognition and solution for the aggrieved party.
● Analysis of the complaints to aid in the improvement of product and service quality.
● Proper audit of the complaint-handling process.
● An efficient and effective complaint handling process.
Thus, the ISO 10002 certification fosters better relationships within and outside the organization as a whole. It equips the organization with the right CSR tools as well.

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