ISO 37001:2016

ISO 37001:2016

ISO 37001 Certification

ISO 37001 Certification and Anti-Bribery Management System

The anti bribery management system is a crucial regulatory requirement in today's world. Moreover, it becomes highly essential to get an ISO 37001 certification to prevent the cases of fraud and misrepresentations in many areas of business. The SO 37001:2016 guides you about a system confirming an integrated method for eliminating bribery actions in industries.

The ISO 37001 anti bribery management system is thus a detailed theory applicable for all the sectors, viz. non-profit making, public or private. It ensures that the entity does not entertain any direct or indirect briberies and offers only transparent deals.

ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Specifications

The standard for anti bribery ISO 37001 specifies that the management of any enterprise easily detects the instances of briberies. Moreover, they must adhere to the rules for responding appropriately to such unfair practices and think about the customers' interests. Everyone in the organization must follow the voluntary commitments and regulatory requirements.

However, while studying the ISO 37001 requirements, you must remember that these are only the guidelines to set a stringent law within the organization. It is not a method to identify fraud or other corrupt practices within the organization. Therefore, with the help of the ISO 37001 certificate, you have full authority to say that your entity does not encourage taking bribes in any respect. Furthermore, you are also not ready to give bribes to any other organizations.

Anti Bribery & Corruption Management System

The anti bribery & corruption management system is framed for the well-being of the businesses and the customers. The ISO anti bribery management system can help you detect and prevent all the bribery practices that anyone within an organization can commit.

The ISO 37001 Certification cost is approximately Rs.15000 for getting a normal certificate. An equivalent amount is chargeable for attending the courses and obtaining ISO 37001 certificate.

ISO 37001 Certification Process

To provide the certificate of ISO 37001 anti bribery, the professional has to go through certain steps.

Step 1: Audit confirmation is the first step, including formulating a perfect audit plan. The assessment team of the concerned authority will visit the premises after three months of this plan framing to complete the audit.

Step 2: To determine whether the existing management suffers from gaps or weaknesses, the organization can also opt for a pre-assessment audit.

Step 3: State 1 and Stage 2 Audit involving review of both minor and major non-conformities. Moreover, the auditors will provide the necessary suggestions to take appropriate corrective actions after identification. Recommendation of certification will come in this stage 2 audit.

Step 4: Follow up audit is conducted within 30 days of the original audit to ensure compliance with the effective CAP.

Step 5: Finally, the organization will get the certificate without delay if it follows all the requirements and has CAP.

Step 6: Even after obtaining the certificate, the entity must take all the necessary initiatives for continuous improvement and re-certification audit, if necessary.

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