ISO 31800:2020

ISO 31800:2020

ISO 31800:2020


ISO 31800 is a document which specifies requirements and test methods to ensure performance, safety, operability and maintainability of community-scale resource recovery faecal sludge treatment units (herein addressed as treatment units) that serve approximately, but not limited to, 1 000 to 100 000 people. This document applies to treatment units that:

a) Primarily treat faecal sludge,
b) Are able to operate in non-sewered and off-grid environments,
c) Are prefabricated,
d) Exhibit resource recovery capability (e.g. recovering energy, reusable water, soil amendment products), and are capable of being energy neutral or energy net positive.

This document does not apply to treatment units requiring major sewer infrastructure.

Inputs are primarily faecal sludge derived from human excreta and can include additional substances at the discretion of the manufacturer. This document does not specify the characteristics of the faecal sludge (e.g. COD, BOD, moisture content, etc.) and which forms of the additional inputs (e.g. food waste) are treated within the unit. These inputs are defined by the manufacturer as well as the input characteristics which meet the requirements specified in this document.

This document addresses:

- The performance, safety, operability, and maintainability of the treatment unit,
- The protection of human health and the environment,
- Safety aspects of the treatment unit's solid, liquid, and gaseous outputs,
- Noise and odour outputs of the treatment unit.

ISO 31800 certification document specifies minimum requirements of all types of outputs from the treatment unit. It does not specify or mandate the quality of resources recovered as these are highly dependent on the local (e.g. economic, social) context.

Any resources produced and consumed internally to the process itself are outside the scope of this document. Similarly, with the exception of pathogen requirements, the quality and value of any resource recovery and reuse products derived from the treatment unit are outside the scope of this document.

Online ISO 31800 certification is one of the ways that provide standards to the organizations and thus lead way to innovation and development of trade. These standards also ensure that the products and services of the organization meet the customer and regulatory requirements. In addition to this, it also demonstrates continuous improvement. ISO is an independent, non-governmental, international organization that creates standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of the products, services, and systems. ISO 31800 standards certifies that the management system, manufacturing process, service or the documentation process has fulfilled all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

ISO certificate is provided in many areas of industry, that is from energy management and social responsibility to medical devices and risk management.

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