CE Marking

CE Marking

CE Marking

Details of The CE Marking Certification For The Growth of Business

When an organization wishes to export a certain product or good for the European Market, it must take a special mark. It is known as CE Marking Certification, accepted globally. Even if a product is not familiar to the EEA market, it can still have the CE Certification to fulfill the intention of selling the products in the European Economic Area. This mark gives a unique identification to every such product and helps reduce any issue of deceit. For your business's safety and high growth, affixing such a mark is crucial. Hence, if you belong to this industry, please do not miss out on the chance to get a CE Mark.

The CE Marking Requirements

You have to follow the CE Marking requirements sincerely to avoid any issues while selling your product in the abroad market. First, this certification should contain the mark CE. However, the perfect minimum size of these initials is 5mm. You cannot have a mark lower than this size or the prescribed dimension. Please consider the proportions if you wish to enlarge the letters.
Putting this mark means that the concerned product is free from any damages or quality issues. However, you must not make it synonymous with any quality indicator. The CE Certification only confirms that your products comply with the industry standards prevalent in the European regions. Hence, it is crucial to abide by the CE Standards to ensure that you have met the environmental, safety and health requirements as per the EU laws.

Cost of CE Certification

To fulfil the CE Certification requirements, you also have to know about the costs. Moreover, it is essential to compare different organizations and choose only the best to get CE Certification. The CE certification cost will differ as per the rulings of different countries. However, the standard rate can be within the range of Rs.5000 Onwards. Such a long band is due to the shape, size, and type of products you will sell in the US or European markets. The costs will be equivalent in various countries.

CE Marking Process

Now, here we will give an overview of the CE Marking process and let you know the modern techniques to get the mark of assurance. It supports the harmonized system popular in the case of all the EU goods. The primary requisite of this process is making a logo with CE initials of equal size and dimension. Either the data plate or body of the product must contain this mark. Furthermore, it must be legible and clearly visible. However, if affixing the mark is not practically possible to the concerned product, you can give it on the package or container.
For the dealings of the medical equipment industry, the CE certification medical devices requirements will be valid. It confirms that these devices meet the specific criteria of the General Medical Devices Directive of Europe.
If you are an Indian company and want to flourish in the foreign market, please call DGCS for the CE marking certifications. We guarantee quality and prompt delivery of services.

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